ASX Sharemarket Game

This game is played on the ASX Website and runs a few times each year. It is popular and easy to run, with prizes on offer for winners.

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Here is the strategy employed by some of the winning teams in 2012:

TAS 1 st : Brooke in Year 9 at The Friends' School

·          Portfolio Value: $57,726

·          Brooke bought 4 stocks and held until 23 October - then sold to cash. She invested in the industrials and energy sectors. The companies she invested in were SEK Seek Limited, KAR Karoon Gas, BPT Beach Energy and STO - Santos.

·          Strategy: 'I started the Game with two gas and oil stocks, Karoon and Beach Energy plus Seek. Later I bought Santos. Each week or two I reassessed my portfolio and the stocks I owned, as well as sought advice from websites and magazines. About half way through the Game I sold some shares to take profits. On the second last day I reassessed my portfolio. My portfolio had lost $200.00 in 45 minutes. During a discussion, I considered the possibility of selling out all my shares. I thought that the stock market may go down that night and the next day (Closing day) so I decided to sell all my shares and go into cash. This tactic was a very nerve racking one for me. However, it was successful as the market fell on the last day of the Game.'

TAS 2 nd : Kehnan in Year 10 at Lilydale District School
TAS 3 rd : Tim in Year 10 at The Friends' School